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Hydronic heating systems are considered to be the most efficient, and innovative style of heating on the market. Widely used throughout Europe for decades, this system is starting to gain popularity in Australia.

Hydronic heating operates by re-circulating hot water, heated by a natural gas, LPG, or solid fuel fired boiler providing gentle, hygienic warmth. The clean nature of this system means it is ideal for allergy sufferers.

There are two types of Hydronic Heating systems. Wall mounted Panel Radiators and Floor Coils.

Panel Radiators

The radiators are mounted to the wall in each room that you wish to heat in your home. As the panel radiators will fit quite flush to the wall, they are unobtrusive. The radiators are fed hot water from pipes that run either beneath a timber floor or through the roof space. The expert team at LPG will help you to determine the best option

Floor Coils

The Floor coil system is for new homes or renovated homes that require a new slab as the coils are laid beneath the floors of your home, directly into the concrete slab.

The pipes are designed to warm up the concrete slab, which in turn radiate heat into the room above. Most floor coverings are suitable for use with this system.

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