Ever wondered how does ducted heating work? Ducted heating works using a core central heater unit, which produces hot air that is pumped out through a network of heavy insulated ducts under the floor or in the ceiling to vents located in different areas of your home.

The central heater component is a large gas furnace heater running on natural gas or LPG.

The central heater consists of a fan which draws air from the centrally located return air vent located in your home. The air is blown through a heat exchanger and back through your supply ducting at the desired temperature set at the thermostat.
The electrical components are positioned at the top of the furnace.

Ducted Heating can be installed in the ceiling allowing vents to be positioned in the ceiling. If your home  is built on stumps and their is sufficient room under your home the ducting can be installed under your flooring allowing heating vents to be cut into your floor.

Ducted heating can be retro fitted into existing homes if their is sufficient space for ducting etc.

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