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Gutters & downpipes are a big deal around your home. Do your gutters look like water falls? Is your roof leaking? Whether your gutters are blocked or are simply old and have holes, a blocked gutter or drainpipe can cause serious internal roof damage in heavy rain if left unchecked. Maybe it’s time to call LPG to ensure water flows away correctly.

At LPG our roof plumbers offer a wide range of roof plumbing services including down pipe repairs and roof leak repairs. We can design and install guttering and downpipes on all sorts of homes or commercial property’s. We can also install and repair stormwater drainage systems.

Guttering and Downpipe  Maintenance

Some guttering and downpipes can be tricky to get to and without the necessary tools to get the job done, repairs and maintenance may be difficult. However, given the damage a blocked drain or gutter could cause, it’s recommended that maintenance is carried out at least once a year.

Maintaining  your guttering starts with removal of leaf collection, debris and even a missing ball or two. Overhanging trees are great culprits for clogged gutters and downpipes, and will hinder the smooth flow of stormwater. Regular maintenance of your roof, downpipes and gutters is the best prevention of some significant  damage occurring in a heavy rain event and the small cost now could potentially save you thousands in the long run.

Poorly maintained gutters and downpipes are undoubtedly prone to rust and corrosion leading to holes where water will escape. Escaping water in torrential rain could even affect the foundations of your home.

Our roof plumber will:

  • Clean and inspect all gutters and downpipes
  • Check condition of gutters and downpipes for corrosion, rust and damage
  • Check (& replace) flashing
  • Install gutter guards to prevent clogging
  • Identify weaknesses before they become major issues
  • Install replacement guttering or downpipes.

Our expert roof plumbing team will provide professional, fixed price quotes and prompt service.

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No problem’s too large, no problem’s too small: whether your hot water system is about to give up the ghost, your toilet is on the nose or there’s a major waterfall occurring someplace where it doesn’t belong — call LPG and we’ll be out there in a flash. We evaluate the problem, we provide you with choices, and we get things done without fuss.