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Nasty smells emanating from your toilet? Toilet filling up after flushing? Can you hear ‘that gurgling sound’ beneath a plug hole? It may be time to act now before these tell-tail signs lead to more serious and even smellier issues.

Some things should never be flushed down the toilet. The culprits responsible for blockages are quite often objects accidently flushed down toilets or lost down drains. But other blockages that can cause a stink are tree roots breaking into sewerage pipes searching for water, fat or grease poured into drains and building up over time until the drain is blocked or simply a broken pipe; more serious but less common. LPG’s same day service means any cataclysmic sewerage disasters can be averted.

Problem solved.

At LPG we use specialist cameras and equipment to identify with pinpoint accuracy just what and where the blockage is, and provide a long-lasting solution.

Common blockage problems may require the use of the following:

High pressure jet cleaners – a flexible, highly effective way to leave your drains and pipes sparkling

Sewer machines – a device with cutting attachments that can tackle the most stubborn of blockages, including tree roots

Replacement pipes – if you have a broken sewerage pipe, we can identify the affected section and quickly replace it.

Why LPG?

We use some of the most advanced plumbing equipment in the industry which means we can identify the problem and apply the right solution, quickly and effectively. There’s simply no messing around until something works.

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Why Trust Local Plumbing Group?

Our mission is simple: to provide the best quality home services, no matter what. Our happy 5 star customer feedback proves it; and, since feedback is our driver, we’re always ready to learn from it and improve. We’re on the cutting edge of technology, across all the latest developments in our field, and ready to put that learning and expertise to work for you.

No problem’s too large, no problem’s too small: whether your hot water system is about to give up the ghost, your toilet is on the nose or there’s a major waterfall occurring someplace where it doesn’t belong — call LPG and we’ll be out there in a flash. We evaluate the problem, we provide you with choices, and we get things done without fuss.