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Blocked drains got you down? Shower water gathering around your toes? Bathtub water lingering a tad long for your liking? Kitchen sink running sluggish? Indoor drains are not immune to hazards such as corrosion, rust, or accumulations of minerals and debris.Common culprits that cause blocked external drains include tree roots, dislodge or broken drains and general debris such as food and other waste matter. LPG can sort things out and have your stubborn, slow-flowing, or stopped-up drains working the right way…and right away. That includes 24/7/365 emergency service for when a drain picks exactly the wrong time to block!

Repair and Maintenance

Old urban ware sewer and storm water pipes crack or even collapse over time. LPG can dig up your old pipes and replace them PVC piping and get things flowing again

Why LPG?

We use some of the most advanced plumbing equipment in the industry which means we can identify the problem and apply the right solution, quickly and effectively. There’s simply no messing around until something works.

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Why Trust Local Plumbing Group?

Our mission is simple: to provide the best quality home services, no matter what. Our happy 5 star customer feedback proves it; and, since feedback is our driver, we’re always ready to learn from it and improve. We’re on the cutting edge of technology, across all the latest developments in our field, and ready to put that learning and expertise to work for you.

No problem’s too large, no problem’s too small: whether your hot water system is about to give up the ghost, your toilet is on the nose or there’s a major waterfall occurring someplace where it doesn’t belong — call LPG and we’ll be out there in a flash. We evaluate the problem, we provide you with choices, and we get things done without fuss.